Our wedding party

Maid of Honor- Allison Bruckart

Ali and Melanie were selected at random to be roommates in college and have been inseparable ever since. They will be each others maid of honors in both of their weddings in the summer of 2013.


Amanda Podiak, friend and sorority sister of the bride

Elizabeth Barrera, friend and "great grand little" of the bride

Janna Alijewicz, friend of the bride

Aurelia Derflinger, friend of the bride

Melissa Adamowsky, friend of the bride

Amy Lis, cousin of the bride

Flower Girl- Meredith Simms, cousin of the bride

Best Man- Nate Greene

Nate is Keith's son and will act as his best man. His brother's Scott and Dave Shaffer will be his honorary best men to step in when needed.


Dave Shaffer, older brother of the groom

Scott Shaffer, younger brother of the groom

Brian Simms, brother of the bride

Ryan Hiller, friend of the groom

Eric Weaver, friend and college roommate of the groom

Ayden Fiorelli, friend of the groom

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